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Additional Policies

Office Hours:  Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Water Level:  Due to insurance liabilities, we are not allowed to add water to your pool or spa, so please keep an eye on your water level and fill as needed. Proper water level should be maintained at mid-tile to ¾ of the tile line. We are not responsible if damage occurs to the water level being allowed to drop below the skimmer if you were notified.

Salt Systems: Salt cells have life spans of 3-5 years and range from $650 – $1500 to replace. These cells need to be inspected and cleaned in an acidic solution for proper maintenance every 3 – 6 months. Every so often we have to add bag(s) of salt to your pool.

Filter Policy: Filters will be cleaned in accordance to your specified service package. However, filters do have a service life and need to be replaced in one to two year intervals. Filter replacements require an additional charge and the client will be notified when it is required before approval of the replacement. Customers with a DE filter will be charged an additional $85 per filter cleaning and DE renewal.

Non-Screened Pools: Due to the nature of a non-screened in pool to collect above average debris which in turn requires more time to clean. There will be an additional charge of $7.50 per week is applied. This fee does not apply to silver package clients.

Large Pools: Pools greater than 15’x30′ or in excess of 25,000 gallons are not subject to base package pricing and pricing will be determined on a account by account basis.

Holiday Policy:  In the event of a holiday, we may service your pool or spa the day before or after the actual holiday or the weekend prior to or after. Please call the office with specific questions.

Rain Policy:  During heavy rain, thunder, or lightning, your pool will only receive chemical testing and addition of chemicals. Storms can be dangerous to our crew. Bill adjustments will not be made in the event that a full service can not be completed due to weather conditions outside of our control. Rest assured that the following weeks service date will provide a through cleaning.

Extreme Storm Clean-up: In the event of an extreme storm such a hurricane or tropical storm an additional fee may apply. Pools are assessed after the storm and evaluated to see if this fee is required for your particular pool. Our Extreme pool cleaning fee is $50.

Billing: We offer invoice billing by mail, email, or online. Invoices are sent out the first of the month and due within 15 days of the date of invoice. We do NOT accept postdated checks. Past due accounts are not entitled to any discounts. Amounts not paid by the next due date bear interest at 18% per annum, and all cost of the collection, including attorney’s fees are the obligation of the customer. ALL ACCOUNTS DELINQUENT 45 DAYS ARE SUBJECT TO THE FLORIDA LIEN LAW. NON-PAYMENT WILL RESULT IN DISCONNECTION OF SERVICE.

Referral Program: Customers who refer a friend or neighbor who then joins will be eligible for a free month after their referral has made three successful monthly payments. The customer will receive a credit equal to the base monthly service price and does not apply to any additional charges on that billing cycle.

Introductory Offer: New clients who sign up are entitled to 50% off their first month of service provided they agree to place a yard sign in their yard for a period of two weeks. 

Pets: Everything is done for the safety of your pets, but we can not guarantee the care of your pet while we are making our services. We are not responsible if your pet escapes during the service call. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the confinement of domestic animals while we do our service.

Renters Policy: Contract is between Sharkbite Pool Services LLC and the OWNER of the property. A tenant may ask for service, but will be required to pay a $140.00 security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded upon proper cancellation of the service, as long as all the bills pertaining to the pool have been made.

Solar/Bubble Covers: Solar or bubble pool covers are requested to be removed by the homeowner prior to service and replaced after. It is recommended to leave covers off for 24 hours each week to allow for fumes to escape after chemicals are added  and to insure the longevity of the pool cover.  We can make arrangements to accommodate special requests to remove or replace  the cover when we come to service the pool, But this Is an extra charge in most cases, and is outside normal service. We can refuse to service the pool if the pool cover is on and we can opt to leave it off when we leave if we deem the chemistry is off in the pool. The cleaning and chemistry of the pool is our first priority, and no credits or refunds will be issued for any reason regarding the cover.

Additional Service Calls: Any and all additional services required or requested by the client, other than their weekly pool service, are charged separate from the weekly maintenance. Service calls, any repairs, additional maintenance, solar on/off will be billed at one hour minimum of $150 per hour. Any of the above that require more than 5 minutes of time fall under the hourly minimum rate. After the first billed hour then the client will be billed at $125 per hour in 15 minute increments from there forward until the job is complete. Subcontractors or 3rd party repairs will be billed directly through that entity and not through Sharkbite Pool Service LLC unless other wise stated.

Cancellation of Service: Sharkbite Pool Services LLC reserves the right to cancel this service at any time for any reason.