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The Story of Sharkbite Pools


Sharkbite Pools was founded in 2020 to provide South Sarasota and Charlotte counties with a full service pool company that they could trust. Having worked in the pool industry for years, Justin was witness first hand to the corners cut by other companies and the overall lack of quality in employee dependent pool service. That is why Sharkbite Pools was founded and is operated solely by the owner who can, by being at the pools each week, ensure that high expectations are consistently met to keep our customers satisfied and customers for life.

Sharkbite Pools owner, Justin, was was an engineer and decided to pursue a career in the pool industry. Justin possesses a Certified Pool Operator Certificate and has worked with everything from standard residential pools all the way to 200,000 gallon double olympic pools. An expert in all types of swimming pool systems from saltwater to chlorine pools, heating systems, pumps, and water flow concepts to ensure a pool is working at its peak ability. 

Sharkbite Pools was founded with one goal in mind: to provide homeowners with a quality pool service that will wow them so much, that they will remain customers for as long as they own the pool. In order to ensure our standards we offer all our clients with the done right or your money back guarantee. If at any point you are unhappy with the quality of your pool service, we will either come back and make it right or that service visit is free!

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